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Humanitarian Plea... Egypt Grieves, Call for Solidarity
Humanitarian Plea... Egypt Grieves, Call for Solidarity
An urgent appeal for all free men and women of the world to help stop the junta in Egypt spilling more innocent blood every day.
Sunday, August 9,2015 04:59

 From the heart of this devastated homeland, amid the cries of thousands of orphans, widows and bereaved families, and thousands of others who fear for their lives every single day, we launch this humanitarian plea for all the world to help, perhaps the Egyptian regime would hear it over the loud noises of its make-believe jubilant official celebrations which side-step the innocent Egyptian blood it has been spilling every day since the coup two years ago.

"A humanitarian plea"… in the face of the Egyptian regime for it to stop the systematic killing of Egyptians in their own homes, in the streets, in prisons and on the gallows.

"A humanitarian plea"… to stop the killings perpetrated by the Egyptian regime against its own people, demanding the following:

1. Death sentences: stop and cancel all judicial death sentences in Egypt related to political events issued in the past few years. Those have reached a world record of more than 1,693 in just two years, of which 667 have so far been given final approval for execution.

2. Killings inside prisons: Stop slow killing practices in Egyptian prisons, which resulted in the death of more than 284 Egyptians in junta jails because of torture, medical neglect and prevention of inmates from taking food, medicines or personal care items in visits.

3. Extrajudicial killings: Stop police and army excesses in the killing of Egyptians outside the framework of the law, without trials, during peaceful demonstrations or during arrest raids on the homes of unarmed people. Of those, more than 3,350 Egyptian deaths have been documented over the past two years alone. Additionally, many citizens perished due to the indiscriminate killing of unarmed citizens in Sinai, as junta forces bombed civilian homes. Numbers of deaths there are not available until now. Moreover, hundreds of recruits die while carrying out their military service without compensation of any kind for their families as legally required of the state.

4. Negligence and complacency regarding deaths of citizens: Put an end to state complacency where increasing numbers of people are killed on the roads, trains, ferries, fires and in medical and criminal negligence incidents as a result of the state and its institutions neglecting health and safety rules and regulations, and their failure in rescuing those injured in accidents. Thousands of Egyptians die each year as a result of the state's neglect and its failure to perform its real role.

Moreover, the number of suicides in Egypt has increased dramatically over the past two years because of the absence of justice and the diminishing chances of a dignified life in this homeland.

Therefore, we appeal to all Egyptians and all the free men and women of the world to join in solidarity with this humanitarian plea, with activities lasting 10 days starting today (Saturday), by announcing their support and through statements, conferences, special rallies and events, media contributions, and legal, rights and political endeavors, locally and internationally.

We hope such solidarity activities will help stop the bloodshed and the trampling of humanity in Egypt by the coup regime against all Egyptians irrespective of their political affiliation. The junta regime is the main culprit responsible for the increase in violence and bloodshed in Egypt during the past two years.

The "Execution of a Homeland" campaign

August 6, 2015
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