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Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Heinous Killing of Essam Derbala in Junta Jail
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Heinous Killing of Essam Derbala in Junta Jail
Sunday, August 9,2015 20:10

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of Dr. Essam Derbala, senior leader of the Building & Development Party (BDP), and head of the Gamaa Islamiya (Islamic Group)'s consultative Shura Council, who was assassinated by criminal coup authorities in the notorious Aqrab Prison.

Assassinations and killings in prisons and police stations, including the Sunday killing of Essam Derbala in Aqrab Prison (in Tora) and Mohamed Haggag in Ramlah Police Station (in Alexandria), target leaders and activists of the anti-coup opposition. However, soon the Egyptian people will exact retribution from the murderers, the perpetrators of these crimes.

Killing Derbala, who once led ideological revisions to renounce all violence, confirms that the criminal military regime in fact supports rather than fights terror groups.

What is happening in coup prisons, and in particular Aqrab Prison, is a horrid crime of deliberate killing of dozens of national symbols – a crime that cannot be tolerated.

All patriotic citizens, at home and abroad, must do all they can to save prisoners from slow death.

God have mercy on the martyrs killed in prisons, police stations, peaceful demonstrations and extrajudicial executions. The day will soon come for fair and prompt retribution.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – August 9, 2015



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