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Pro-Legitimacy Alliance in Fayoum Message to Brutally Repressive Regime: Retribution Inevitable
Pro-Legitimacy Alliance in Fayoum Message to Brutally Repressive Regime: Retribution Inevitable
Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition mourns the death of yet another innocent citizen killed by junta police officers in a police station, and vows to exact retribution from the cold-blooded murderers.
Sunday, August 23,2015 04:34

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum (100 kilometers southwest of Cairo) issued a statement on its Facebook page, in which it mourned the martyr Ahmed Hamed, who was killed by torture at Fayoum police station. The Alliance said it held coup security head in Fayoum Nasser Al-Abd and head of the Investigation Department there Mahmoud Ashri as well as their assistants and collaborators fully responsible for Hamed's death. The Alliance also stressed that the torturing and killing of Hamed and many others before him in cold blood by coup security forces are crimes that would not go unanswered.

In the statement, the Alliance said: "Persistently continuing their criminal campaign of physical liquidation and extrajudicial killings of all opponents, coup interior ministry terrorists in Fayoum Friday killed Ahmed Hamed after torturing him brutally in their slaughterhouse (the notorious Fayoum Police Station). Specifically, Hamed was killed by the criminal and corrupt Police Major Mahmoud Ashri, head of Fayoum Police Station's Investigation Department, who tortured him for 4 days.

"The martyr was abducted by Nasser Al-Abd's criminal militias from the street right outside his home, five days ago. The Alliance offers its heartfelt condolences to his family."

The statement also sent a message to "the murderer Nasser Al-Abd and his aides and Chief of Detectives Mahmoud Ashri, as well as all the National Security and Criminal Investigation heinous murderers and to all those involved in shedding the blood of innocent patriotic citizens: your crimes will not go unanswered. The hour of retribution is inevitably coming. No-one involved in atrocious crimes will escape punishment. Retribution for the blood of the free men and women of this homeland is a legal and religious duty.

"Fayoum's free men and women stand steadfast in their defiance of the murderous military junta. These crimes will not deter or discourage them from facing up to the coup until they ultimately defeat it."
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