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Annual Statistical Report of Violations against Egyptian University Students in 2014 - 2015
Annual Statistical Report of Violations against Egyptian University Students in 2014 - 2015
A rights report lists details of violations by military coup authorities in Egypt against university students in the academic year 2014-2015.
Friday, September 4,2015 05:10

 2367 Violations by the Ministry of Interior, the judiciary, the military and university departments against students:

-1,055 Cases of arbitrarily arrests of students from within university campuses, the streets or student homes

- 285 Cases of coup security raids on homes, arrests and searches – all without a warrant from the prosecutor

- 267 Cases of enforced disappearance at the hands of police forces and their collaborators

- 183 Referrals of (male and female) students to military prosecutors and military courts

- 25 Raids by police forces storing the university campuses and student dormitories

- 24 Cases of extrajudicial killings of students in the streets, within university campuses and in nearby areas

- 5 Laws and amendments made by coup authorities to curb freedoms within university campuses

- 78 Cases where coup authorities prevented detained students from attending their university examinations

- 445 Cases of arbitrary dismissal of students by disciplinary board or university president decisions

See full report here: http://goo.gl/yYq1IY
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