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Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Repeated Zionist Attacks on Aqsa Mosque, Worshipers
Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Repeated Zionist Attacks on Aqsa Mosque, Worshipers
Tuesday, September 15,2015 23:05

Blatant attacks by dozens of Zionist-occupation forces and activists against Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian Murabitoun worshipers are most heinous crimes in which Arab rulers are complicit by failing to protect or defend the nation's sanctities.

The Brotherhood asserts that these treacherous attacks and the ongoing excavations under Al-Aqsa Mosque compound are all part and parcel of the Zionist scheme to divide the mosque complex, amid complicit Arab and Muslim regime silence. The acceleration of this scheme is linked to the wave of murder, oppression and brutal repression against patriotic men and women that followed crushing of the Arab Spring revolutions.

The very least Arab and Muslim regime governments must do about these crimes against the most revered Muslim holy sites is to close Zionist embassies in their countries, expel representatives of the Zionist entity, and launch an economic blockade of the Zionist enemy.

After these Zionist crimes against Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and the Murabitoun worshippers inside it, the Muslim Brotherhood calls on all Muslims and the free world to rally and respond to the persistent brutal Israeli attacks in Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem at large. Peaceful protesters should target embassies of the Zionist enemy in their countries, as well as its representatives and allies at embassies of collaborator countries. Let Friday (September 18) be a day of faith. Mark the ascension of the Holy Prophet. Stand steadfast in vigils for the Truth, and in defense of our holy places.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: September 15, 2015


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