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Another Detainee Dies Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect in Junta Police Custody
Another Detainee Dies Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect in Junta Police Custody
Yet another opponent of the illegitimate coup in Egypt dies in junta detention centers after months of slow torture as coup authorities refuse him treatment and medication.
Friday, October 2,2015 17:42
On Friday morning, Salah Rizq Albasosi died inside Kafr El-Dawar Police Station's detention center. He died from liver disease, as a result of inhuman and deliberate medical negligence by coup authorities who prevented him from receiving his treatment, as his condition clearly deteriorated.

The detainee Salah Albasosi, 50 years old, was a lawyer, a father of four – the eldest a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the youngest a 4-year old girl. Albasosi was arrested by coup forces more than seven months ago (on February 20, 2015). He was never tried.

Albasosi suffered medical problems that affected his cartilage and liver. Since his arrest and the start of his lengthy pretrial detention, coup police authorities in Kafr el-Dawwar refused to let him receive treatment or medicines brought to him by his family, although they could clearly see his health was deteriorating, until he died of his illness this morning.

Three days ago, the same detention center (at Kafr el-Dawwar police station compound) witnessed yet another death. A criminal detainee died of liver disease also, after coup authorities prevented him from receiving life-saving treatment or essential medicines.
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