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Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Congratulates All Muslims on New Hijri Year 1437
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Congratulates All Muslims on New Hijri Year 1437
On the eve of the new Hijri year, the office of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad vows to continue to do its uttermost in support for the January 2011 Revolution till victory.
Sunday, October 18,2015 04:55

 The Muslim world receives a new Hijri year in an atmosphere of strife, struggle and epic jihad, where the sons and daughters, the youths of this nation write glorious new pages of heroism and selflessness in the world's history, in liberty squares of the Revolution in Cairo, the trenches of heroism in Syria, in steadfast Yemen and Libya, and in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank of Ayyash, of resistance and martyrdom.

We are confident that when this epic struggle across the Muslim world comes to an end, this nation will have reclaimed its freedom from despotic regimes and colonialist invaders.

We wish you a happy new year soon… our brave detainees in junta jails. We wish you a happy new year… our martyrs 'Alive with their Lord, rejoicing for those who have not followed them as yet'.

We wish you a happy new year soon… our brave detainees in junta jails. We wish you a happy new year soon… Jerusalem, Damascus, Sana'a, Cairo, Benghazi, Tobruk and the capitals of the Muslim world, when you are all liberated by the hands of your men and women, God willing.

On this occasion, we congratulate the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and all the sons and daughters of the Muslim world. We vow to continue making every possible effort abroad to support the popular revolutionary path against the military coup regime and the brutal junta, and all actions, processes and decisions that ensue from or are based on them, no matter how long it takes to achieve victory.

We will not recognize falsehood, nor accept vanities. "God casts the Truth onto Falsehood so it vanquishes it" (Quran 21:18); "When men warn them: A great army is gathering against you, to frighten them, it only strengthens their Faith; they reply: God is our Guardian" (Quran 3:173).

Office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad

Thursday - October 15, 2015 / Muharram 1, 1437AH
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