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Independent University Movement Mourns Professor Mohamed Nasr Extrajudicial Killing by Security Forces
Independent University Movement Mourns Professor Mohamed Nasr Extrajudicial Killing by Security Forces
After the Afro-Arab Center for Freedoms and Human Rights condemned the barbaric execution of Professor Mohamed Nasr as an extrajudicial killing, the Independent University movement denounces the crime and urges rights organizations to help stop such atrocities.
Tuesday, November 17,2015 05:34

 Independent University movement received sad news of the death of Dr. Mohamed Nasr, professor at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Suez Canal University, who was killed by coup security forces outside the framework of the law. We vow yet more patience, courage and steadfastness.

Is this how scientists are treated in Egypt today? Is this the fate of Egypt's distinguished scholars? Somehow, this is hardly surprising in the dark shadow of the illegitimate coup that destroys and ruins and kills Egypt's scientists in cold blood without guilt or fault.

We are confident that this junta and its injustice will be gone soon. We pray to God to accept Dr. Nasr among the martyrs in Paradise, grant him with peace and bliss, and grant his family patience and strength. The Independent University movement calls on staff members to expose the oppressors by increasing awareness of their violations that affect everyone in the Egyptian society, especially faculty staff and students at Egyptian universities. This is the price of seeking freedom and aspiring for democracy. Ultimately, we will win, God willing.

God is our Lord. He is the best Guardian

Independent University Movement

Monday - November 16, 2015
tags: Human Rights / Coup / Martyrs / Military Coup
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