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Family of Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Hold Coup Authorities Responsible for His Health
Family of Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Hold Coup Authorities Responsible for His Health
The family of Dr Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman and General Guide, express deep concern for his health in inhumane jail conditions.
Thursday, January 14,2016 13:28
Sources representing Dr Mohamed Badie, the family of the Muslim Brotherhood General Guide, said that after having a surgical operation in Qasr Al-Aini hospital (Cairo) Tuesday, Dr Badie was discharged Wednesday and returned to his cell in Molhaq Mazraa Prison where there is no health care whatsoever.

Earlier, on Monday, Dr Badie, who faces the death penalty and jail sentences, was transferred from prison to Qasr Al-Aini Hospital, for an urgent hernia operation.

Family sources said Dr Badie was locked up in a room, immediately after the operation, without any medical follow-up after the surgical procedure. Then, less than 48 hours after the operation, Dr Badie was moved back to his cell, where there is no health care at all.

The sources revealed that the hospital room where Dr Badie was locked up had no toilet. More than once, he had to get up, knock at the door, and wait for long periods until some members of the Egyptian police guard opened the door and allowed him to use the toilet. Sources affirmed that Dr Badie suffered a drop in blood circulation because of this restriction.

The family of the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt strongly condemned what happened, saying: "Where are his human rights? What law in the world allows this kind of treatment? We hold the prison management responsible for Dr Badie's life".


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