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Hundreds of Coup Security Armored Vehicles Storm, Besiege President Morsi Village
Hundreds of Coup Security Armored Vehicles Storm, Besiege President Morsi Village
For the 3rd time, the coup regime in Egypt sends special forces and army units to raid and ransack people's homes in Adwa village, and arbitrarily arrest dozens in ferocious campaigns of terror and violence.
Friday, January 15,2016 20:14

With more than 200 coup security cars and armored vehicles, special army units and Interior Ministry militias raided the village of Adwa in Hehia, the hometown of President Mohamed Morsi in Sharqeya Province (to the north east of Cairo). Hundreds of heavily-armed coup militias terrorized residents, raided and destroyed furniture and contents of their homes and arrested more than 30 (released most later, keeping six in custody).

This third storming of President Morsi's village in Sharqeya, in which protests against the brutal and bloody military coup never stopped since the July 3, 2013 coup, comes just before the anticipated huge wave of revolutionary protests on January 25, 2016 – like in previous years. The bankrupt coup regime  desperately attempts to terrorize the people who chant for democracy out loud.

Since the treasonous murderous military coup, this patriotic, revolutionary village had dozens of its residents abducted and held hostage, while two were killed by coup security forces - one in the horrid Rabaa massacre and one more recently in the village. Nevertheless, the village people have neither cowered nor weakened; their determination is as strong as ever despite all these crimes and violations by the coup regime.

Adwa – the village and hometown of President Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president in Egypt – will continue to rise up against the despotism and repression of the coup regime, say the revolutionaries.

"It will remain committed to non-violent resistance until Egypt is firmly on the democratic path of dignity and freedom. The blood of martyrs and the crimes of coup forces will only steel their resolve and double their resilience and steadfastness to continue on the road of democratic transformation.

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