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Anti-Coup Alliance in Sharqeya Condemns Brutal Security Raid of President Morsi Birthplace Adwa
Anti-Coup Alliance in Sharqeya Condemns Brutal Security Raid of President Morsi Birthplace Adwa
Pro-Democracy Alliance in Egypt's Sharqeya Province pledges peaceful protests and resistance until end of repressive military rule, despite Friday's brutal security raid on Adwa village by Interior Ministry and army forces.
Saturday, January 16,2016 06:32

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Sharqeya (to the north east of Cairo) is following closely the regrettable developments ongoing inside the village of Adwa, in Hehia – birthplace of President Mohamed Morsi – where coup security forces stormed the peaceful village at dawn Friday, from all entrances, using dozens of police and army special forces armored vehicles, with dozens of commandos and State Security police combing the village streets to brutally beat and abduct anyone they suspect of standing against the coup regime's atrocities and repression. Those ended up taking hostage some 30 people.

Of those, five are still forcibly disappeared.

The Alliance strongly condemns these oppressive practices against the people, especially the patriotic youth of Adwa village.

We hold coup security forces and the repressive regime fully responsible for the safety of the people of this village, and warn against escalation of atrocities.

The Alliance appeals to all the people of Adwa to stand their ground and continue their peaceful resistance. It also calls on Sharqeya residents in particular and the people of Egypt in general to continue mobilizing and preparing for the January 25 wave of powerful anti-coup protests. The Revolution will continue till victory. Let us raise the flags of Egypt, photos of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, and Rabaa massacre posters.

This coming protest wave marks the memory of January 25, 2011 and the start of a decisive new revolutionary year, in which the Egyptian Revolution dominates the scene with compelling non-violent action that frees this homeland of oppression and tyranny, frees honorable men from junta jails and detention centers, and starts an era in which people enjoy dignified living, freedom and justice.

The junta regime's relentless campaigns of horrid inhuman atrocities, repression, arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings will not deter or intimidate us. We will continue our peaceful resistance until the Revolution is complete, until final victory, until these oppressors are ousted – soon. Fair and prompt retribution is coming, inevitably.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Sharqeya

Friday – January 15, 2016
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