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900 Days Enforced Disappearance for Director of Qenayat Central Hospital
900 Days Enforced Disappearance for Director of Qenayat Central Hospital
It has been 900 days since coup security militias in Egypt pulled Dr Elsayed from the street and held him hostage in forced disappearance, all the while denying any knowledge of his fate or whereabouts.
Tuesday, January 19,2016 02:14

Military coup militias continue the enforced disappearance of Dr Mohamed Elsayed, Director of Qenayat Central Hospital in Sharqeya (to the north east of Cairo), for the 900th day running. Junta security forces abducted Dr Elsayed on August 24, 2013 from the street outside his own house in Zagazig. Until now, his family does not know anything about his fate or his whereabouts.

The daughter of the disappeared Dr Elsayed said her father has spent just over two and a half years in forced disappearance, while "authorities refuse to tell us anything about him". During that period, Dr Elsayed's family filed many formal complaints with the coup Interior Ministry, the Public Prosecutor, the Medical Association, and many international and local human rights organizations. They also started proceedings before the Council of State to commit the coup regime's Interior Ministry to disclose Dr Elsayed's place of detention, but to no avail.

The family of Dr Mohamed Elsayed appeals to all civil society and human rights organizations to intervene urgently to reveal his whereabouts. They hold coup authorities, especially the military coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his Interior Minister, fully responsible for Dr Elsayed's life and safety.

Before his abduction, Dr Mohamed Elsayed, 58, father of seven children (6 females and one male), held the position of Director of Qenayat Central Hospital. He also served as a member of the Relief Committee at the Doctors General Syndicate in Cairo. He is known for his good morals, and supporting the poor and needy. He contributed extensively in charitable and community work.

For more information on Dr. Esayed's case, please contact family at 01000419557 or 01000418339 


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