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Egypt Youth Groups Statement 2 - Revolution in the Square
Egypt Youth Groups Statement 2 - Revolution in the Square
The second press release from the unified Egyptian youth groups in relation to preparations for forthcoming January 25 mass protests.
Saturday, January 23,2016 06:49
We are following developments and changes in the scene closely. Today (Friday) saw large protests by the youth groups, in Cairo and other governorates, exceeding thirty different events. We solemnly salute the masses of revolutionary men and women who joined us.

Field monitoring teams reported a total siege of public squares by large numbers of military and police forces. Nevertheless, we succeeded in finishing our protest rallies, overcoming all challenges.

The coming hours and days will witness a lot of rapid actions, events and rallies in various places in Cairo and the provinces, in preparation for the January 25 mass protests. We renew our call to all Egyptians to participate and rise in revolt against the illegitimate coup regime.

Egypt Youth Groups

Cairo: Friday – January 22, 2016
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