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Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary
Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary
NGO ECRF's final report documents junta regime violations against peaceful anti-coup protesters including at least 5 extrajudicial killings, numerous injuries, 193 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in governorates across Egypt, not to mention 1166 citizens arrested and detained just before January 25.
Wednesday, January 27,2016 12:38

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF) followed the peaceful protest events and activities of the January 25 Revolution's fifth anniversary, around the clock, in all governorates of Egypt, and issued 3 statements throughout the day, in which it detailed all junta regime violations and atrocities against unarmed and non-violent anti-coup demonstrators in the streets, and peaceful citizens in their homes.

In fact, violations and atrocities by the junta regime's security forces began much earlier than Monday January 25, with the arrest of 1166 citizens (at the very least) since the beginning of January 2016, including 136 still subjected to forced disappearance. All those political detainees face charges of demonstrating, joining a banned group and preparing for the January 25 Revolution anniversary.

This is ECRF's final report detailing junta violations documented by ECRF during the January 25, 2016 protests, which are as follows:

A) Extrajudicial killings:

On the fifth anniversary of the January 2011 Revolution, junta security forces killed five peaceful protesters, shooting or torturing them to death:

- Two citizens were killed in the Sixth of October City, namely: Gaber Mohamed Hassib and Sayed Mohamed Hassib (brothers), of Beni Suef Province.

- Mohamed Ali Hamdan, from the village of Bani Suleiman in Beni Suef Province, who died during severe torture at the hands of National Security forces in the province.

- Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, killed by security forces in the village of Kerdasa.

- Sharqeya security forces killed Sheikh Hussein Mohamed Radwan during torture inside a place of forced detention. Hussein's family said he was taken on Sunday – January 24, 2016 in the town of Qarin by coup security forces which subjected him to forced disappearance, then killed him and disposed of the body in the village.

B) Arrest and detention:

193 citizens were rounded up and held in custody in governorates across Egypt, as follows:

Cairo 77 citizens arrested and detained, Sharqeya 21, Qaliubiya 27, Giza 13, Beheira 12, Kafr El-Sheikh10, Minya 7, Gharbiya 7, Dakahlia 6, Alexandria 6, Beni Suef 3, Menoufia 2, Damietta 1, Fayoum 1.

Those include 32 women and girls, and 9 children: 20 girls and women from Cairo and Qaliubiya Province, 5 women from Kafr El-Sheikh, 2 from Alexandria, 3 women stopped and arrested in Zyfta in Gharbiya Province.

The following remain in detention until now:

- Ms. Afaf, from the Sixth of October City. This is the aunt of the two young men killed by security forces in the Sixth of October City.

- Photojournalist Mervat Al-Husseini, was arrested along with her son and her husband, during coverage of the demonstrations in Giza Governorate.

* Names of some of the children detained by junta authorities:

1. Bilal Mahmoud Ahmed, Qaliubiya Province

2. Hisham Abdel-Moneim, 15, from Kafr Shukr, Qaliubiya

3. Abdul-Rahman Mohamed Gamal, third grade secondary school, from Talkha, Dakahlia

4. Ahmed Mohamed Saad, 17, Al-Sa'aa Square, Alexandria

5. Yusuf Ali Shawqi, Nasr City, Cairo

6. The son of the aunt of the two brothers killed by security forces in the Sixth of October City

7. The son of journalist Mervat Al-Husseini

C) Sieges and raids on villages and towns:

On January 25, junta regime violations included sieges around some villages and towns, including Albesartah village in Damietta Province and the village of Qasr Al-Basil in Fayoum Province, as well as the siege and the storming of villages such as Arab Shebin and Al-Basos in Qanater Khayryeah, and the villages of Otwa Qibleya and Otwa Bahareya in the little town of Qotour in Gharbiya province, and also a siege around Mahalla village in Samanoud for the second time.

Additionally, there was heavy deployment of security forces in most roads, squares and other public places, with forces searching cars and pedestrians. Siege and restrictions in the village of Adwa, in Sharqeya Province continued for the second week in a row, and also in the village of Maymona in Beni Suef, which on Monday started its 560th day under junta siege.

Coup security forces also raided the village of Owaysh Al-Hagar, Dakahlia province and arrested 10 young people.

D) Security forces brutality and violence while breaking up demonstrations:

ECRF documented security services violence in dealing with peaceful protesters, e.g. using live bullets and shotgun shells to disperse demonstrators in Baltim, in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, which injured the child Mohamed Owaida with birdshot in his eye. Security forces also used gas bombs extensively to disperse demonstrators in Shubra, Matareya and elsewhere.

Moreover, security forces violently attacked with shotguns and tear gas one of the peaceful demonstrations in Minya Al-Qameh, in Sharqiya Province, causing many critical injuries.

Cairo: Monday – January 25, 2016

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedom (ECRF)
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