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Coup Authorities Subject Exonerated Detainees to Enforced Disappearance
Coup Authorities Subject Exonerated Detainees to Enforced Disappearance
A statement from the Association of Suez Detainees Families condemns junta authorities' heinous practice of hauling innocent detainees – officially acquitted by judges or public prosecutors – into forced disappearance where they are viciously tortured for damning but fake confessions.
Monday, February 1,2016 05:05

 Not satisfied with arresting innocent opponents on trumped-up charges, or without charges at all, and terrorizing the people, coup authorities absurdly refuse to release political detainees, even when relevant courts or the prosecutor officially exonerated  them.


On numerous occasions, the junta regime's public prosecutor or the courts acquitted political prisoners in Suez, but coup authorities refused to apply proper procedures to release them. Instead, they subjected those innocent people to forced disappearance.
The Association of Suez Detainees Families (ASDF) condemns the coup authorities' intransigence, and their refusal to release innocent detainees. ASDF demands their immediate release, and is deeply concerned they are being subjected to torture or getting framed again for new crimes during enforced disappearance.
Coup authorities committed this crime against dozens of anti-coup citizens who got exonerated, then subjected them to forced disappearance, only for families to later hear their loved ones are being tortured at State Security headquarters, then returned to detention centers yet again on new trumped-up charges.
In conclusion, we hope the day will soon come when we rejoice in victory; all the men and women unjustly jailed by the junta are released; and fair and prompt retribution is exacted from all the criminals, the murderers and the oppressors.
The Association of Suez Detainees Families (ASDF)
Sunday – January 31, 2016
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