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Rights Activists Campaign As Coup Security Forces Arrest, Torture More Than 20 High-School Youths
Rights Activists Campaign As Coup Security Forces Arrest, Torture More Than 20 High-School Youths
Junta forces arrest, torture and threaten to kill 20 young teens in Alexandria, Egypt, while rights activists start a 'Stop Alex Massacre' campaign in reference to Montaza Police Station brutal torture practices.
Saturday, February 6,2016 19:11

A number of activists in Egypt's main port city Alexandria launched a rights campaign on social networking websites under the title "Stop Alex Massacre", following the abduction by coup security forces of more than twenty high-school students from their homes. Junta police absurdly alleges the youths torched a junior police officer's car after a dispute over money and real estate between him and a contractor. Activists are not convinced.

Even worse, activists assert: "Now, these teenagers are being subjected to the worst kinds of torture in Alexandria's Montaza 2 Police Station", adding that the youths' lives are at immediate risk.

Ominously, junta security men said to enquiring parents that interrogators intend to execute their young sons . One security officer cruelly said: "I hope you have other children. These ones… if they cannot last the (torture) trip… we will call you, so you can pick their bodies from the morgue".

Families of the abducted young students hold coup security and police fully responsible for the safety of their loved ones. A number of activists exhorted human rights organizations and civil society organizations to intervene immediately to save the lives of the detained students.


Kareem Abdel-Rahim (journalist) – Tel: 01001876015

Student Amr Gamal's mother – Tel: 01279627742

Student Anas Mohamed Naguib's father – Tel: 01208406999

Student Ahmed Mohamed Ali's father – Tel: 01276038264


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