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Disappeared Dozens Tortured by Fascist Junta Apparatuses in Sharqeya Province
Disappeared Dozens Tortured by Fascist Junta Apparatuses in Sharqeya Province
Evidence emerges that forcibly disappeared citizens are being held and inhumanly tortured to death in Egypt's National Security HQ in Abu Kabir – Sharqeya Governorate (north-east of Cairo).
Wednesday, February 10,2016 12:15
An Egyptian who had been subjected to enforced disappearance by junta forces was found Tuesday in Sharqeya Province. He affirmed that dozens of disappeared citizens from Abu Kabir, Sharqeya, like himself, suffered grotesque and systematic torture in order to confess to crimes they have absolutely no connection with.

He further affirmed that he had met a number of the forcibly disappeared in Abu Kabir inside the National Security HQ: "They are all badly battered. Some of them may die of their very serious wounds, unless they get urgent and essential medical treatment.

Families of the disappeared in Abu Kabir lodged several formal complaints and sent telegrams to coup regime officials and to the public prosecutor, holding the interior minister responsible for the safety of their loved ones. They also urged local and international human rights and civil society organizations to intervene with all available means to lift the injustice done to their families.

Abu Kabir city's disappeared (until Tuesday) include:

1. Mohamed Ahmadi – abducted on November 7, 2015

2. Mohamed Yousef Shabayek – abducted on January 24, 2016

3. Al-Moneim Eldemerdash – abducted on January 26, 2016

4. Mohamed Abdel-Hafeez – abducted on January 26

5. Ahmed Ismail Mohamed Khalil – abducted on February 2

6. Ahmed Abdel-Wahab – abducted on February 4

7. Mohamed Yunis – abducted on February 4

8. Hatem Sibai – abducted on February 4

9. Salah Metwalli – abducted on February 4

10. Omar Ahmed Abdel-Wahab – abducted on February 4

11. Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Abdel-Wahab – abducted on February 4

12. Ahmed Mohamed Yunis – abducted on February 4

13. Mahmoud Obada – abducted on February 5

14. Ahmed Mustafa Saqr – abducted on February 5

15. Saber Barakat – abducted on February 5

16. Bassam Ali Essayed – abducted on February 5

17. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman – abducted on February 5

18. Abdel-Rahman Radi – abducted on February 5

19. Ibrahim Alqarnawi – abducted on February 5

To contact one of the victims' family, please call: 01124474884
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