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Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Assad Commits Horrific Massacre in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Assad Commits Horrific Massacre in Eastern Ghouta
Friday, April 1,2016 05:00

 Criminal Assad's brutal regime has committed yet more massacres, killing dozens of innocent Syrians under the nose of the international community that sponsored the supposed peace truce.

In the latest massacre Thursday, aerial bombardment by the mass-murderer Assad's forces targeted the village of Deir Al-Asafeer in eastern Ghouta (Damascus countryside) killing more than 30 and wounding dozens more, including children, many civilians and medical workers (with the death toll still rising as more bodies are discovered under the rubble). The town's only medical center and school were targeted by the mass murderer.

These repeated crimes and horrific massacres by the criminal regime, which afflict every Syrian province, prove that Assad is not qualified to provide an appropriate environment for a political solution. At the same time, these atrocities expose as utter lies his claims of respecting the so-called Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, which he often accuses the revolutionaries of breaching, while he bombs civilians, service institutions and public facilities, every day, in clear violation of all international norms and conventions.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, condemn the world's silence on the massacres of civilians. We stress that these criminal practices by the Assad regime, and this terror he spreads everywhere, will not stop unless the traitorous regime is ousted completely. The Revolution is determined to achieve this by all legitimate means.

The Syrian people accepted to sit down at the negotiating table in order to reach a political solution leading to a transitional ruling body that excludes Assad, the war criminal. However, this mass murderer has violated all norms and all UN resolutions without punishment or accountability.

We offer our condolences to the courageous Syrian people in Deir Al-Asafeer, Ghouta and everywhere; and we stand firm in our support for them, in this time of pain and grief.

Information Office

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Thursday – March 31, 2016
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