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Libya Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Internal Strife Situation
Libya Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Internal Strife Situation
Friday, April 1,2016 22:41

Libya's Muslim Brotherhood is following with concern the current situation in the country, with the economic crises, political developments and repercussions, security threats, violence and chaos that allow saboteurs to destroy the homeland. In these circumstances and developments, the group would like to clarify the following:

First: The Muslim Brotherhood is concerned that certain parties insist on dragging its name into this political conflict, and hold the  group responsible for ongoing crises and troubles, although in all its press statements, the Brotherhood explained its position clearly as an Islamic reform group seeking to reunite all Libyans, heal the rift, and support dialogue and consensus leading to the end of all crises across the homeland.

Second: The group calls on all Libyans to prevent sedition, stop fighting and spare the country the horrors of war and destruction; and underlines the sanctity of Muslim blood. The sanctity of the Muslim to God is greater than the sanctity of the Kaaba.

Third: The group renews its call to all parties to communicate and endeavor to find a solution in which all hold high the interests of the homeland, a solution that would protect the country from falling into more death and destruction, and puts an end to all crises. The group warns that current crises can be used to drag the country – and in particular the capital – into a horrific bloodbath, and to destroy Libya's social fabric.

Fourth: The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the attack on and the shuttering of Nabaa news channel, and the burning of the tent in Martyrs' Square. The group regards this as a kind of gagging, brutally curbing freedom of expression in a legitimate peaceful manner. The group urges all media outlets to commit to professional standards, away from the rhetoric and tactics of incitement.

Long live Libya, free and proud

God save the people of Libya

Libya's Muslim Brotherhood

Tripoli: Thursday – March 31, 2016


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