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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sinai Liberation Day Calling for Protests on April 25th
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Sinai Liberation Day Calling for Protests on April 25th
A statement from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Egyptian people on Sinai Liberation Day (April 25).
Sunday, April 24,2016 20:25

To the great, patriotic Egyptian people...

To residents of the Sinai...

April 25, 2016 marks the thirty-fourth Sinai Liberation Day, the day (in 1982) when the land of our Sinai was liberated from the treacherous Zionist enemy… Sinai: our land, our honor and dignity, Egypt's eastern gate and national security forte, watered with the blood of thousands of martyrs, Egyptians, who gave their lives in its defense over the years.

The memory of the liberation of Sinai is onto us, with its people in severe distress under shelling and heavy fire day and night. Its men and women are being killed, its houses destroyed, its families displaced, and sanctities violated, not at the hands of enemies, but a traitorous group of the illegitimate military coup generals!

The military coup leaders who profaned Egyptian land, Egyptian honor, trampled the Egyptian citizen' dignity, and smeared the history, culture and tradition of this dear homeland, have escalated their crimes against humanity, and their callous spilling of innocent blood, and practiced all forms of repression throughout Egypt since the treasonous coup.

The only solution now is to defeat and end this illegitimate coup, to reinstate democratic legitimacy, and put right all the ruinous coup's injustices and crimes.

Those who deliberately shed the blood of innocent people will not hesitate to commit more crimes. They will defend neither land nor honor. They are committed to no morals or principles. Nothing will deter them from giving away the land of Sinai to please the Zionist enemy and the US.

Say it loud and clear:

No compromise on an inch of Egyptian land. As President Mohamed Morsi said: "The land of Egypt is forbidden to non-Egyptians". It is not for sale, especially after it has been watered with the blood of the martyrs.

No compromise on the punishment of those who profaned Egyptian blood and honor.

No compromise on the people's right to regain their freedom and their will and to choose their rulers.

No compromise on the freeing of all political prisoners and detainees, and the cancellation of all unjust verdicts and sentences.

Work with selfless devotion, and participate actively in the non-violent popular revolutionary action on April 25 and beyond. The moment of victory is onto us – very soon, God willing.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Monday – April 25, 2016

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