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Muslim Brotherhood Responds to Almesryoon Newspaper Misrepresentation of Deputy Leader
Muslim Brotherhood Responds to Almesryoon Newspaper Misrepresentation of Deputy Leader
Tuesday, July 26,2016 15:50
The newspaper Almesryoon Monday (July 25) published a news-story titled "Behind the scenes of Egyptian intelligence penetrating the Muslim Brotherhood", claiming that Ibrahim Munir, the group's Vice-Chairman, in a statement he issued yesterday (Sunday – July 24) said, "By virtue of the reality we live in Egypt, I have not seen any faction that moves without direct or indirect guidance from the intelligence services. Even if it moved with its own sense of national duty, it is predominantly secular, and moves in that direction, or it moves according to the agenda of an external sponsor, from a state hostile to Egypt".

In response to that false 'news' and incorrect information, we stress the following:

First: The article's title "Behind the scenes of Egyptian intelligence penetrating the Muslim Brotherhood" is a certainly misleading headline, suggesting that there are secrets about an intelligence penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood that the newspaper is revealing, while the story as a whole highlights a statement issued Sunday by Ibrahim Munir – in a way that lacks professional expertise and conscience, putting words into his mouth that he never said.

Second: The statements falsely attributed to Ibrahim Munir by Almesryoon in its disgraceful article do not exist at all in the press release the paper referred to; nor did he ever make such statements at any time. In fact, those were words MP Saber Abul-Fotouh once said, and has since apologized for doing so on more than one occasion, stressing his responsibility for them and that they expressed his own views at a specific moment.

Also, the Muslim Brotherhood's statement issued by Ibrahim Munir made it clear that the group's spokesman is the acting Chairman and those he identified to officially represent the group.

We urge Almesryoon newspaper to correct that erroneous article it published and to commit to professional standards of accuracy and truthfulness in dealing with the group's news and affairs.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Monday – July 25, 2016
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