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Libya's Justice & Construction Party Welcomes Convening of House of Representatives
Libya's Justice & Construction Party Welcomes Convening of House of Representatives
Saturday, August 27,2016 07:05
Amidst the difficult conditions currently experienced by Libya, as a result of the political divide and armed conflicts tearing apart the homeland, the fragility of the security situation, the almost total lack of basic services, and the Libyan citizen's great suffering, a glimmer of hope to end the crisis came in the shape of the Skhirat agreement signed in December last year. This was widely welcomed and strongly supported both domestically and internationally, despite certain pertinent objections.

However, the agreement is the possible solution agreed upon by most Libyans in this critical phase of the history of Libya and the entire region. Instead of committing to the democratic steps stipulated by the political agreement, the House of Representatives' president – along with a few persons who rule out the opinion of the majority in any and all illegal methods – is seeking to disrupt and derail the agreement and official bodies emanating from it.

We, therefore, hold them fully responsible for any consequences of their actions, and exhort them to put national interests above their own narrow interests.

We welcome the convening of the House of Representatives after the absurd break that lasted several months. Also, we call on its members to play their part, to correct its path according to the agreement (specially articles 16, 17 and 18), and to take the democratic steps stipulated by the political agreement and which are required of them as a legislative authority set up by the political agreement. In this regard, we stress the following:

• We support the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord's commitment to its legal position as granted by the political agreement, and urge it to put its house in order, work on resolving the most important security and economic issues, to fight terrorism in all parts of the country, and to achieve national reconciliation.

• We call on the international community to continue its political and diplomatic support for the Presidency Council and the political agreement generally, and to strictly refrain from dealing with any other parallel organizations, opponents or groups. The Party calls on the international community to take a clear position towards some countries that are clearly playing negative role towards the political agreement by supporting parties that reject and obstruct the implementation of the agreement's provisions.

God save Libya

Justice and Construction Party

August 25, 2016
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