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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls "Stop the Lunatic" Peaceful Protest Week
Saturday, June 3,2017 04:43

 The sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims) did not prevent the illegitimate coup regime from overburdening Egyptians with excessive weights. At the same time, the putschists constrain civil work – which can compensate for State failure – with more restrictive legislation. Nor did the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan prevent them from shedding the blood of Muslims in Libya on false pretexts.

This is how the coup regime, hit by madness, is taking revenge on the people. After a series of continuous price rises, especially at the start of Ramadan, the coup regime is now imposing a new 10% income tax on Egyptians – even those who have not reached the minimum salaries. Meanwhile, it is preparing to raise the price of 27 commodities in response to IMF dictations.

Not only did the coup regime impose these new burdens, but it also issued a new law to chain-down civil work (the new civil society law). Through that new law, it made civil work a crime, like the press, which became a crime it is doing everything in its power to suppress it. Recently, it has also put forth its worst henchmen to head national press institutions, which are financed by tax-payers.

In addition to the coup regime's crimes at home, its forces have gone beyond the borders too, with Egyptian aircraft bombing Libyan Derna on the pretext of hitting DAESH (ISIS) bases "from which the perpetrators of the murder of the Copts of Minya launched their attack" although the groups allegedly targeted in Derna are sworn enemies of DAESH and have already forced DAESH fighters out of the city. This confirms that these strikes were not in retaliation for the Minya attack, but part of a conspiracy against the Libyan revolution and revolutionaries. This was confirmed also by new strikes in the south of Libya.

Facing up to these repeated crimes, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls for a new revolutionary week, under the title "Stop the Lunatic".

What general Sisi is doing to his people and his neighbors can only be described as madness. It is a madness for which the homeland and the people will pay a terrible price. Therefore, the duty of all patriotic men and women, of all political or social orientations, is to move now to stop this lunacy, and to save the homeland from the mad general.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
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