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President Morsi's Defense Files Complaint to Public Prosecutor About Threats to His Life
President Morsi's Defense Files Complaint to Public Prosecutor About Threats to His Life
Friday, June 9,2017 20:35
President Mohamed Morsi's defense team has submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Thursday (June 8), in the presence of Dr Mohamed Salim Al-Awa, Mohamed Tosson, Kamel Mandour, Khalid Badawi, Osama Al-Hilou, Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud and Ali Kamal.

The defense team's complaint states that the life of President Mohamed Morsi is at risk in prison, and conveys a complete picture of the President's deteriorating health condition and how he suffered full diabetic comas twice in the past few days.

The complaint requests the transfer of President Morsi to a private medical center (at his own expense) to conduct the necessary medical tests to assess his health condition. Also, the complaint urges authorities to enable the defense of President Morsi to meet with him.
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