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Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria: Ongoing Brutal Campaign of Arrest Atrocious Crime
Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria: Ongoing Brutal Campaign of Arrest Atrocious Crime
Saturday, July 8,2017 15:20

The Administrative Office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria condemns the vicious security crackdown currently underway, with ferocious raids on homes and businesses of the men and women of the January 25 (2011) Revolution and other opponents of the coup regime in eastern Alexandria (Egypt). In these raids, coup forces have already arrested a number of local residents, young and old, including Hosni Gibril, a well-known Muslim preacher, despite his illness and age (he is over 70 years old). Violent raids, with coup forces storming innocent citizens' homes continue.

This atrocious crackdown on opponents is part of coup security forces' daily crimes, which include the extrajudicial killing of a woman in her own balcony with live bullets on Friday in ​​the Abu Suleiman area, Alexandria. This regime has violated the sanctity of Egyptians, their homes and the blood of unarmed innocent citizens, without pause, while failing to protect or defend Egyptians in Sinai.

We urge all revolutionaries, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, to take care and watch out for unprovoked attacks on their peaceful protests.

Administrative Office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria


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