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Egyptian Parliament Abroad Urges UN to Pressure Coup Regime, Junta to Stop Violations
Egyptian Parliament Abroad Urges UN to Pressure Coup Regime, Junta to Stop Violations
Friday, September 22,2017 13:49
On Tuesday, September 29, 2017, an Egyptian Parliament Abroad (EPA) delegation visited the United Nations headquarters in Ankara and met with Irina Fujakova, Director of the UN Office and Resident Coordinator.

The EPA delegation handed an official memorandum to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, demanding pressure be put on the coup regime in Egypt to stop violations against the Egyptian people and to seek prosecution of the symbols of that regime who are fully responsible for crimes mentioned in the United Nations against torture committee report at its 72nd Session in Annex 44 of Official Records, p. 23 - p. 26, which accuses the Egyptian regime, its security apparatuses (military and police) and the Justice and Prosecution Service of "systematic torture".

The memo was delivered after a closed meeting with the EPA MPs and was sent on the same day to the UN Secretary-General in New York and to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The EPA undertakes to pursue this authoritarian regime in all forums until it receives a fair punishment for the blood of the martyrs and the suffering of the tortured and detained, and until the Egyptian people regain their will and freedom.

Long live Egypt, proud and free

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Wednesday – September 20, 2017
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