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Support Campaign for Women Held as Political Prisoners in Egypt's Qanater Prison
Support Campaign for Women Held as Political Prisoners in Egypt's Qanater Prison
Wednesday, September 27,2017 06:57

 Today (Tuesday), a human rights campaign is being launched to support political prisoners, women held unjustly, in Egypt's Qanater Prison. Those have been jailed in the junta's dark dungeons and absurdly dragged into a political conflict that had nothing to do with them.

The Women Against the Coup movement calls on all media organizations, media outlets and activists, all over the world to join the campaign through the Hashtag #الحرية_لبنات_القناطر (Freedom for Qanater Prison Girls).

Campaign Statement:

Anguish and Pain in Qanater Dungeons

Women political prisoners call out to the world as they languish behind bars in Qanater Prison.

Their cry for help address  the conscience of the world, to tell the story of a girl who unjustly spends her youth in prison, of another young girl who is prevented from completing her studies behind bars, of other women deprived of seeing their loved ones although they committed no crime, of an old woman sentenced to life unjustly imprisonment, or an ill woman imprisoned and denied medicine.

They address the conscience of the world with a voice that is tired of crying, but still believes in the justice of the cause – steadfast on the path of the truth, with unique resilience.

The women  jailed in Qanater prison direct their plea to the world and all those who preach women's rights day and night while ignoring all forms of violations against women in Egypt.

After that heart-rending plea that awakens the conscience to act, the Women Against the Coup movement declares its full support for these unjustly imprisoned women detainees. We also call for an international campaign to speak on their behalf and reach out to all international forums and expose the atrocities of general Sisi's regime and its crimes against Egyptian women.

#نساء_ضد_الانقلاب (Women Against the Coup)
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