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Rights Group: Detention Conditions of Egyptian Women, Girls in Sisi's Dark Dungeons Worsen
Rights Group: Detention Conditions of Egyptian Women, Girls in Sisi's Dark Dungeons Worsen
Tuesday, October 10,2017 10:09
A report on human rights issued by the Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms (ECRF) revealed that the number of women languishing in Egypt junta's dark dungeons in September increased to 30 political prisoners, perceived as opponents of the coup regime. They were tried by civil and military courts, while some are still in pre-trial detention.

Some of these women and girls have been sentenced to death in politicized cases, with politicized judicial decisions and rulings that violate the provisions of the Constitution or the law.

ECRF's report said female political prisoners in Egyptian jails are subjected to physical and sexual humiliation.. Moreover, they’re banned from visits, forced to eat only prison food (heavily contaminated at the best of times). They are also not allowed any needed medicines, and are generally locked up in places not suitable for human use.

The report further said that a large number of women are being held in arbitrary detention, with no real charges or evidence. Repression and political assassination in Egyptian prisons are protected by parliamentary and judicial cover. Accusations are on the rise against the ruling regime committing serious violations against women, not just by arresting and jailing them in extremely squalid conditions, but also girls in detention are subjected to various types of psychological, verbal and even physical abuse.

ECRF criticized the continued detention of women in Egyptian prisons, the fabricated charges laid against them, and trying them before military courts. It also condemned the deterioration of health and psychological conditions of women detainees deprived of seeing their children and subjected to unbearable pressures and torture policies.

At the end of its report, ECRF urged Egyptian authorities to release all female detainees held in cases of political nature, since they were arbitrarily detained without legal warrant and based on sham investigations.

The following is a list of female prisoners updated according to the latest report issued in October 2017 (14 mothers and 16 girls):

* Mothers in Egyptian Prisons

1. Iman Mustafa: 1125 days in jail; sentenced by a military court to 10 years' imprisonment. Her son is also in jail, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

2. Shaimaa Ahmed Saad: 940 days in jail; mother of one child; detained since February 22, 2015 in the Cabinet building case; sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

3. Hala Saleh: 790 days; mother of three children; detained since August 18, 2015; accused of possession of weapons and leaflets; tried by a military court.

4. Gihad Abdel-Hamid: 605 days; mother of one child; detained since January 14, 2016; accused of managing web-pages; sentenced to 3 years.

5. Basma Rifaat: 545 days; mother of two children; detained since March 6, 2016; accused in the Attorney General assassination case; sentenced to 15 years.

6. Fawzia Dessouki: 515 days, sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment; her son is serving a 15-year sentence.

7. Shireen Saeed Bekheet: 335 days; mother of four children; detained since October 19, 2016; accused of joining a banned group and spreading false news.

8. Rabab Abdel-Mohsen: 330 days; mother of four; suffers from leukemia; detained since October 15, 2017; accused of manufacturing and possession of explosives and funding armed groups.

9. Fatima Al-Sayed (AKA Hala Gayyed): 87 days; accused of joining a banned group and the promotion of "terrorist" ideas; her son Ahmed Rabie is remanded in the same case.

10. Samia Shanan: 1467 days in jail.

11. Ola Hussein: 270 days.

12. Ola Yousef Al-Qaradawi: 88 days.

13. Roqaya Mustafa: 52 days.

14. Fatima Ali Gaber: 395 days.

Girls detained in political cases include:

15. Hala Abdel-Mugheeth.

16. Yasmin Nadi.

17. Amal Saber: 300 days in jail.

18. Esraa Khaled: 970 days.

19. Reem Qutb: 285 days.

20. Rabab Ismail: 272 days.

21. Hanan Badr-Eddin.

22. Sarah Abdel-Moneim: 126 days.

23. Mona Salem: 70 days.

24. Ghada Abdel-Aziz: 90 days.

25. Sarah Gamal: 92 days.

26. Inas Yasser: 87 days.

27. Rana Abdullah.

28. Sarah Abdullah: 739 days.

29. Raheeq Saeed: 47 days.

30. Mariam Amr Habashi: 21 days.


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