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Sisi in One Week: Extensive Variety of Atrocious Crimes, Corruption, Repression
Sisi in One Week: Extensive Variety of Atrocious Crimes, Corruption, Repression
Sunday, October 15,2017 23:45

 The coup commander in Egypt, the repressive general Sisi, persists in his deadly spiral of horrific crimes and tremendous aggression.

In one week, using his henchmen, his traitorous tentacles across the country, he represses Egyptians in a most fascist manner, with neither mercy nor fear of reckoning or punishment.

Meanwhile, Egyptian judiciary and the blood-thirsty junta's Parliament humiliate themselves licking the generals' boots, showing the utter corruption permeating their hearts and clouding their minds.

In one week, the Egyptian judiciary sentenced 25 Egyptian citizens to death, bringing to 1977 the number of politicians sentenced to death in Egypt since the July 3 (2013) military coup, only because of their opposition to military rule, their refusal to keep quiet over injustice and repression, and raising their voice for freedom, justice and dignity for them and all Egyptians.

Another 16 Egyptians are now waiting for execution after the completion of the stages of their sham trials. Already, Sisi had eight more citizens executed. They join thousands of martyrs whose right to life was totally disregarded by the junta's militias killing them in public squares, in private homes and detention centers alike.

The criminal general Sisi ended his atrocious week with another act of recklessness, ignoring his own puppet parliament by extending the state of emergency in Egypt for a third period, so he can escalate repression of the Egyptian people, dealing them more bitterness, distress, despair and hunger. So, now all innocent citizens can live in a large prison savoring slow death.

General Sisi is cursed by every citizen. Every day, we see more of his blatant corruption, horrific crimes, authoritarian atrocities and suppression.

Ahmed Assem

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Friday – October 13, 2017
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