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Muslim Brotherhood Slams Politically-Motivated Death Sentences Against 11 Innocent Egyptians
Muslim Brotherhood Slams Politically-Motivated Death Sentences Against 11 Innocent Egyptians
Monday, October 23,2017 01:34
The coup junta's judiciary in Egypt has just added a new farce to its growing list of horrid crimes by ordering the execution of 11 innocent citizens through judicial platforms grabbed by a group of villains who accepted to be humiliated and trampled under the feet of the military junta, and gave in to their dictates and demands.

These rulings, which violate every law and constitution, will not be accepted by the steadfast patriotic Egyptians behind bars or in the streets and liberty squares across the homeland, despite oppression and injustice, and will not defeat them or weaken their resolve or steadfastness.

These sentences, thousands of rulings, issued by a gang that only nominally belong to the judiciary and has nothing to do with the law, is cutting a deep wound in the heart of Egyptian society, a bleeding wound difficult to heal.

These criminals who sold themselves to the military junta and its regime are creating a disintegrated society that will need decades to be whole again – with the real values ​​of tolerance, love and brotherhood that Egyptians have for long known and shared.

On the day of the forthcoming revolution, you criminals will all be brought to real justice which will rule over our homeland, before real judges who will deal out real justice; and you will reap what you sow, as you stand accused in the courts of justice and freedom.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Monday - October 23, 2017
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