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President Morsi's Son: His Life is in Danger in Illegitimate Detention
President Morsi's Son: His Life is in Danger in Illegitimate Detention
Monday, November 13,2017 23:02
Ahmed Mohamed Morsi, the son of President Mohamed Morsi, said that his father, in the latest session of his sham trial, spoke once again about dangers threatening his life and his health. He spoke about the soundproofed colored glass cage in which he is placed in court, which prevents anyone from seeing him. He also mentioned that he has been banned from seeing his family or his legal defense team.

The President's son added that in court today, Dr Morsi asked to meet with his defense to inform them of direct threats to his life. However, the court judges did not move a finger, neither to uphold justice nor to defend their own dignity as a judicial body with a valid decision.

It is worth mentioning that President Morsi has asked, several sessions ago, to be checked by a special medical committee to clarify his health situation, amid fears of being subjected to a process of life-threatening medical neglect.
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