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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court
Tuesday, November 14,2017 10:44

The unjust military court sentences issued Monday in Alexandria and Ismailia, which condemned to death 29 innocent civilians, who had been kidnapped and subjected to forced disappearance and then had fabricated politically-motivated charges laid against them, simply because they rejected the military rule overturning democratic and constitutional legitimacy in Egypt. This is only an extended model that demonstrates the extent of the military junta's brutality.

One of the most important reasons for the January 25 (2011) Revolution was the misery Egyptians experienced under the rule of a military regime that saw itself above all else: endless days of imposed emergency law, military courts for civilians, and corruption in all aspects and all walks of life.

Today is very much like that yesterday: injustice is magnified ten-fold, the junta totally disregard the sanctity of blood, even life and honor, spreading their bloody wings over the homeland to grab and control all its resources and institutions, especially the judiciary and the media.

The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to call for freedom, dignity, justice and peace for this homeland – Egypt, and is ready and willing to pay the price for that from its blood and money, steadfast, God willing, no matter how long it takes or how brutal the injustice or the arrogance and tyranny get, until God grants us ultimate victory and fair and prompt retribution is exacted from the despots and oppressors.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Cairo: Monday – November 13, 2017

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