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Fahmi: Al Shater Demanded Mediators to Negotiate with President Morsi After the Coup
Fahmi: Al Shater Demanded Mediators to Negotiate with President Morsi After the Coup
Thursday, November 23,2017 23:20

 The spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Dr. Talaat Fahmi, said that the Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat Al Shater, during meetings with international mediators after the military coup in July 2013, rejected any concession or dialogue on behalf of the President, stressing that any negotiations should be conducted with the elected President, Dr.  Mohamed Morsi, and the legitimate state institutions, not with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Talaat confirmed that the MB, represented by its leadership, adheres that the only one who has the right to speak on behalf of the Egyptian people is president Mohamed Morsi, stressing that any dialogue regarding the legitimacy of the President will be resolved only by his decision and the popular will. Fahmi stressed that the MB does not speak on behalf of the Egyptian people, considering the legitimacy of the president is a popular decision decided by the Egyptians and not a particular political faction, regardless of that faction status. 

Meanwhile, Dr.. Amr Darrag, former minister of planning and international cooperation under President Mohamed Morsi, confirmed Al Shater’s previous statements, adding Al Shater also criticized to the UAE representative his government’s involvement in the military coup against the elected president as a stab in the back of all Egyptians, not only the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Noteworthy, the Qatari Defense Minister Khalid Al Attiyah stated few days ago that he met with Deputy MB Chairman, Khairat Al Shater, in his prison cell before the breaking of  Rabaa sit-in, accompanied by the UAE foreign minister, and the US Assistant Secretary of State, at the request of US Secretary of State John Kerry, and in coordination with representative of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), General Mohamed El 'Assaar. 

However, Al Attiyah later 

left Cairo abruptly in anger after the Egyptian authorities refused to allow his delegation to meet with president Morsi.

For his part, Dr. Atiyya Adelan, head of the Islah Party and a member of the National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy, said that Gen. Mohamed Al 'Assaar had agreed to meet with the Qatari minister so as to show that they are willing to negotiate. But in reality, SCAF had no intention for peaceful solutions. Rather, had intended, with premeditation, to end the political life which came as a result of genuine popular legitimacy with a legitimate political will.

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