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Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood Warns: Trump Will Ignite the Region
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood Warns: Trump Will Ignite the Region
Wednesday, December 6,2017 13:49

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan accused the United States of threatening world peace by its decision to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In an exclusive statement to Anatolia news agency, the MB Secretary-General, 'Abd Al Hameed Al Dhunibat said: "Jerusalem is occupied whether the US transfers the embassy or not, and Israel's occupation [of Jerusalem] in principle is a blatant aggression on every Arab and Muslim."

"The Trump administration from the beginning has been hostile to Muslims and their plights, and supports the usurper 'Israeli' entity all along, not only in the matter of the embassy transfer or capital recognition" he said.

He added  "when the US takes such a decision, it increases its already existing hostility against all Muslims in the world, and sacrifices the US interests in Muslim countries to satisfy the Zionist entity."

Mr. Al Dhunibat warned the US that  such step will have an impact on all free peoples of the world, unleash widespread public anger, and signify the end of the peace process.

He called on all Muslims to show their anger and condemnation of this decision, and appealed to leaders of Muslim countries to take a historical position by showing their support for Jerusalem.

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