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Wed926 2018

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Press Syndicate Demands Release of Journalists Detained During Jerusalem Protests
Press Syndicate Demands Release of Journalists Detained During Jerusalem Protests
Saturday, December 16,2017 11:24

A number of journalists organized a stand-up protest inside the Journalists Syndicate to demand the release of their colleagues, chanting slogans against the repressive security apparatus and the crackdown on the freedom of expression and journalists, warning the Interior ministry against repeating incidents of raiding their syndicate.

The journalists also warned their syndicate's council against caving in to the Interior Ministry, and demanded to maintain the freedom of protest on the Syndicate's entrance stairs. They also raised banners reading: "Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine" and "freedom for Abd Al Aziz and Suweifi."

For its part, the Egyptian Press Syndicate Council announced its full solidarity with the journalists arrested during the Jerusalem protest stand-up, and demanded the government to release them and allow their families to visit them.

A statement issued by the Syndicate Council following its emergency meeting declared its solidarity with the journalists detained during Jerusalem protests: Ahmed Abd Al Aziz and Hussam Al Suwaify, and demanded the Interior Ministry to stop violations against journalists,and  pledged full legal support to the Syndicate’s members.

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