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Wed926 2018

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on 5th Anniversary of the “Republican Guard Massacre”
Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on 5th Anniversary of the “Republican Guard Massacre”
Monday, July 9,2018 07:00

The dawn of July 8th, 2013 will be engraved in human history as the day when the military junta revealed its first bloody faces, marking the start of a black era in Egypt's history filled with brutal massacres, killings, abductions of some of Egypt’s finest, and  throwing them in dungeons 

On the that day, five years ago, as the victims were completing their second Raka’a of Fajr prayer, the military forces committed the massacre of the Republican Guard, known as the “Kneeling Massacre" where 51 martyrs were killed, and 435 were injured- according to the Ministry of Health own records- hundreds others were arrested on fabricated charges, including assault on members of the armed forces.

The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected the military coup since the first day, and resisted it among all other revolutionary free Egyptians, sacrificing, and still are, and will not stop or abandon their national role whatever these sacrifices are.

The precious blood will remain a rightful witness against all criminals, and a witness to all the sacrifices for the sake of freedom of Egypt, its prosperity and future.

Dr.. Talaat Fahmy

Media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood

24 Shawwal 1439 Hijri,

July 8, 2018 

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