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Wed926 2018

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REPORT: 26 Mothers Inside Sisi Prisons Separated from Their Children
REPORT: 26 Mothers Inside Sisi Prisons Separated from Their Children
Tuesday, July 24,2018 07:52

The regime of dictator General el Sisi continues its crimes against Egyptians and human rights violations in view of the silence of the international community, and the international institutions, which represents a de facto support for the crimes of el Sisi regime. Among tens of thousands of detainees in prisons, there are 26 detainee mothers in these prisons deprived of their children without real charges or fair trials. Their real guilt is opposing the repressive and brutal el Sisi regime.

The list of detainee mothers includes:

1- Hala Hamouda,mother of 3 children, her husband had been is in forcible disappearance.

2- Amal Saber, mother of one child, is sentenced to 3 years in prison.

3- Shaimaa Ahmed Saad, mother of a girl, is sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

4- Basmah Rifaat, mother of two, sentenced to 15 years, and her husband is detained in the same case and is sentenced to death.
5- Rabaab Abd Al Mohsen, mother of 4 children.

6- Sherine Bakhit, mother of 4 children.

7- Fatima Mousa, mother of one child.

8- Shaimaa Ahmed Ali, mother of 3 children, her husband is also detained in the same case.

9- Mervat Al Husseini, mother of a girl.

10- Mona Salaamah, mother of two children.

11- Fatima Ayyad, mother of two children.

12- Maryam Turk, mother of two children, her husband was assassinated by security forces last year.

13- Manal Yamani, mother of 4 children, her husband is also detained, and her son is sentenced to life.

14- Amal Abd Al Fattah, mother of 7 children: one son was killed, another son had been kidnapped two years ago, another son is detained, and one more son disappeared forcibly for two months now. 

15- Amal Fathi, mother of one child.

16- Nahla Abd Al Hamid, mother of 3 children. 

17- Mona Mahmoud Mohyi, mother of 4 children.

18- Mona Mahmoud Abd Al Gawwad, mother of 4 children.

19- Rasha Imam, mother of 3 children, her husband is also charged in the same case, and both are held in an undisclosed detention facility. 

20- Ruqayya Mustafa, mother of 3 sons, one son is detained.

21-Samia Shanan, mother and grandfather, is sentenced to life.

22- Ola Al Qaradawi, mother of 3 children, her husband is also detained in the same case.

23- Ola Hussein, mother of 3 children, the case of Ola and her husband is referred to the Mufti's office as a prelude for death sentence.

24- Fawziyya Dussouki, mother of one child, sentenced to 10 years, her son is also charged in the same case and sentenced to 5 years.

25- Fatima Mohammed, mother of an autistic child.

26- Abeer Al Safti, mother of a girl, did not see her daughter since the day she was arrested.
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