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Wed926 2018

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Political Prisoners in Al Minya on Hunger Strike to Protest Torture, Isolated Confinement
Political Prisoners in Al Minya on Hunger Strike to Protest Torture, Isolated Confinement
Monday, September 24,2018 22:32

On September 20, political prisoners in the maximum security prison in Al Minya announced their hunger strike against torture, and isolated confinement.

Four of the detainees were summoned on Wednesday’s night by the head of the investigations and interrogations unit, and were brutally tortured, their names are: 

1. Ali Mustafa (from Al Tawfiqiyya village in Al Menia governorate)

2. Dr. Reda (Mallawi, Al Minya)

3. Mohammed Hamam (Mallawi, Al Minya)

4. Dr. Sayyid Badawi (Al Ismailia governorate)

The four detainees were then taken to isolated confinement by: 

1. Ahmad Sidqi (head of prison investigations and interrogations unit)

2. Ahmad Kassab (National Security officer in the prison)

3. Mo'ataz (a prison investigations and interrogations officer)

Following directions from: 

1. The prison warden

2. 'Amr Dardiri (head of the regional investigations and interrogations)

Information from inside the prison indicated that political prisoners are routinely assaulted in their cells at night, and placed in solitary confinement for discipline to force them to break our hunger strike.

We hold the national security apparatus, and the prison's investigations and interrogations unit fully responsible for endangering these detainees' lives and their well-being.

We call on human rights organizations to investigate the situations inside the prison, the torture, degrading treatment daily by the prison staff that also abuse of the detainee's families during visits.

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