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The International Humanitarian Initiative for Lebanon
Appalled by the humanitarian catastrophe in Lebanon, we the undersigned, despite our political and ideological differences, com
Tuesday, August 1,2006 00:00
by 4Lebanon

Appalled by the humanitarian catastrophe in Lebanon, we the undersigned, despite our political and ideological differences, come together in our personal capacities in support of civilians in Lebanon.


The current situation in Lebanon has reached a disastrous scale. This is evident in the severe shortage of clean drinking water, medicine, food and shelter accessible to civilians mainly children, women and the elderly.


We, therefore, invite you to participate in this non-political purely humanitarian international initiative and join the group of internationally renowned public figures who will travel via Cyprus to Beirut in moral support of the civilian victims in Lebanon.


The initiative, which is sponsored by independent Egyptian business people, will cover all participant expenses including return transportation from home base via Cyprus to Lebanon and accommodation in both Cyprus and Beirut. The date of departure from Cyprus to Beirut is August 10, 2006 and return to Cyprus from Beirut on 15 August, 2006.


Your support in this critical time is greatly appreciated. In order to make the necessary arrangements for international participants, please respond within the next three days to the contact details below.


Contact Information

Tel:                 002 010 625 5011

                        002 010 153 8992


 [email protected]



The undersigned in alphabetical order


Confirmed Signatures for Invitation



  1. Mr. Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Actor
  2. Dr. Abdel Gelil Mostafa, Professor of Medicine, Cairo University
  3. Dr. Abdel Moneim Abou El Fetouh, General Secretary of Arab Medical Union
  4. Dr. Abdel Wahab El Mesiry, Professor of English Literature
  5. Mr. Abu El Ela Mady, Politician
  6. Mr. Adel Imam, Actor
  7. Mr. Adel Hamouda, Editor-in-Chief, Al Fajr Newspaper
  8. Mr. Adel Wasily, Civil Activist
  9. Ms. Ahdaf El Sweif, Writer
  10. Dr. Ahmed Abdallah, Civil Activist
  11. Mr. Ahmed Bahaa Shaaban, Politician
  12. Mr. Ahmed Fouad Negm, Poet
  13. Dr. Ahmed Okasha, Professor and President of World Psychiatric Association
  14. Mr. Ahmed Sweilam, Secretary General, Writers Union
  15. Dr. Aly Alghateet, Professor of International Law
  16. Dr. Amani Kandil, Executive Director of the Arab Network  for NGOs
  17. Mr. Amin Iskandar, Leader in Karama Movement
  18. Ms. Amina El Nakash, Journalist and Writer
  19. Ms. Amina Shafik, Journalist , Former Secretary Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists 
  20. Mr. Amr Aly, Executive Manager of Environmental Agency
  21. Dr. Amr El Shobaky, Expert at Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
  22. Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, Pastor
  23. Ms. Arwa Salah, Civil Activist
  24. Mr. Ashraf Zaki, President of Actors Guild
  25. Dr. Assem El Desouky, former Dean of Arts, Helwan University
  26. Mr. Bahaa Taher, Writer
  27. Mr. Belal Fadl, Writer
  28. Ms. Bothayna Kamel, TV presenter
  29. Ms. Dalia Salaheldin, Writer and teacher at the American University in Cairo
  30. Ms. Dalia Youssef, Civil Activist
  31. Mr. Emad Gad, Director of Arabs Against Discrimination Organization
  32. Mr. Essam Sultan, Lawyer
  33. Mr. Fahmy Howaiy, Writer
  34. Ms. Farida Shobashy, Media Expert
  35. Ms. Galila Al Kady, Professor of Architecture
  36. Mr. George Ishak, Educational Consultant
  37. Mr. Hamdy El Wazir, Actor
  38. Dr. Hani Enan, Businessman
  39. Dr. Hassan Naf’ah, Professor of Political Science, Cairo University
  40. Dr. Heba Raouf, Instructor of Political Science, Cairo University
  41. Mr. Hesham Gaafar, Editor-in- Chief, Islamonline.net
  42. Dr. Hossam Badrawy, Professor of Medicine, Cairo University
  43. Mr. Hussein Ahmed Amin, Former Ambassador
  44. Dr. Ibrahim Ghanem, Consultant National Center for Social Research
  45. Ms. Ingy Bakir, Communication Consultant
  46. Mr. Magdy Ahmed Aly, Director
  47. Mr. Magdy Mehanna, Journalist
  48. Mr. Magdy Said, Civil Activist
  49. Mr. Mahmoud Saad, Journalist
  50. Dr. Manar El Shorbagy, Professor of Political Science, American University in Cairo
  51. Ms. Marwa Elnaggar, Writer and Civil Activist
  52. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif, Publisher and Former Secretary General of Egyptian Publishers Association
  53. Dr. Mohamed Abou el Ghar, Professor of Medicine, Cairo University
  54. Mr. Mohamed Baghdady, Journalist
  55. Dr. Mohamed El Said Idris, Expert in Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
  56. Mr. Mohamed El Samman, Secretary General for Egypt for Culture and Dialogue Society
  57. Mr. Mohamed Fayek, former Minister, Secretary General of Arab Human Rights Organization
  58. Mr. Mohamed Rashad, Assistant Secretary General, Arab Publishers Union
  59. Mr. Mohamed Sobhy, Actor
  60. Dr. Mohamed El Said Idris, Expert in Al Ahram Center for political and Strategic Studies
  61. Dr. Mohamed Selim El Awwa, Chairman of Egypt for Culture & Dialogue Society
  62. Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Businessman & Secretary General Al Wafd Party
  63. Dr. Nabil Abadir, General Director of Coptic Evangelical Organization  for Social Services 
  64. Mr. Nabil Abdel Fattah, Expert in  Al Ahram Center for Political  Strategic Studies
  65. Ms. Naglaa Bedeir, Journalist
  66. Mr. Nagui Abbas, Journalist in Berlin
  67. Mr. Nasser Abdel Moneim, Director
  68. Dr. Nevine Mosaad, Professor of Political Science, Cairo University
  69. Dr. Ossama Al Ghazaly Harb, Editor-in-Chief, International Politics Review
  70. Rev. Dr. Ryad Gargour, General Secretary General for the Arab team for  Muslim-Christian Dialogue
  71. Mr. Salah Eissa, Editor-in-Chief, Al Qahira Newspaper
  72. Mr. Salah El Saadany, Actor
  73. Mr. Salah El Din Hafez, Secretary General of Arab Union for Journalists
  74. Dr. Seif el Din Abdel Fattah, Professor of Political Science, The American University in Cairo
  75. Mr. Samir Morkous, Writer
  76. Ms. Sara bin Nafis, Researcher at the Research Center for Development, France
  77. Ms. Shahinz Ahmed, Educational Consultant
  78. Ms. Sherine Abu El Naga, Professor, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University
  79. Ms. Sherine El Habbak, Civil Activist
  80. Ms. Simone, Actress
  81. Dr. Wahid Abdel Meguid, Writer, Vice Chairman General Book Organization
  82. Dr. Yehya Al Gamal, Professor of Constitutional Law
  83. Mr. Yousef Al Ka’id, Novelist

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