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Government’s Version of Reform; Opposition Newspaper Shut Down
Government’s Version of Reform; Opposition Newspaper Shut Down
El-Shamy made contacts with the Chief of Press Syndicate Galal Aref, some members of the syndicate, and the Secretary General of the Council Galal Dewedar to known the reason behind the suspense.
Wednesday, March 8,2006 00:00
In a new episode of the unjustified escalation policy against the Muslim Brotherhood, the government conrolled Higher Council for Press decided to suspend  Afaq Arabia weekly which is run by al-Ahrar Party and expresses the views of the Muslim Brotherhood. The decision was justified by a dispute over the presidency of its board of directors between Helmy Salem and Mahmud Atyia.
Abdel Hakem el-Shamy, its Chief-in-editor, said he was surprised when Muhammad Taymor, the manager of al-Ahram Printers, ordered not to print the newspaper according to the decision.
El-Shamy made contacts with the Chief of Press Syndicate Galal Aref, some members of the syndicate, and the Secretary General of the Council Galal Dewedar to known the reason behind the suspense. Dewedar ruled out any government influence to make this decision and stressed that the main reason is the dispute over the newspaper’s presidency.
Mohamed Abdel Qudos the Chief of Liberty Committee of Press Syndicate said the procedure was expected in light of the political oppression against the Muslim Brotherhood that included arrest campaigns.
He added the American Administration has given the green light to all autocratic regimes, the Egyptian among them, to stifle the opposition in the aftermath of Hamas landslide victory that brought it to power.
Abdel Qudos said the suspense of any newspaper is a professional matter that relates to journalists and it is the syndicate’s role to protect them. The move does not deliver a blow to Liberty Committee and the newspaper only but also to the syndicate.
In exclusive statements to Ikhwan Web, Essam el-Arian of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that this attack on liberty and on the Brotherhood comes within a general mood that reflects the setback of the Egyptian government. It grows frighten from any opposition voice; the Brotherhood, people, democracy, and freedom. Starting form this point, the government seeks to enfeeble the group after its success in the parliamentary polls. These measures come within a general atmosphere that indicates the political and economic rollback in Egypt. For example, the President’s pledge to abolish imprisonment for journalists did not come in force, the judiciary power bill is still controversial, the regular broadcasting of the parliament sessions is suspended, the municipal elections are postponed, and the successive catastrophes showed the government disability.
Recently, the regime skillfully created a state of confusion among reform-pressing powers. Judges, for instance, are obsessed by the judiciary power bill and journalists are preoccupied with the issue of their imprisonment. It, moreover, caused a profound division inside al-Wafd Party, the largest Egyptian party.
As for the connection between Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Egypt and these severe actions, el-Arian said the link is very explicit. During his meeting with chief-in-editors, President Mubark publicly declared that the U.S understood and welcomed the Egyptian-style application of democracy.
On the other hand, el-Arian called on all powers and parties to stand hand in hand before this assault on freedom, asserting that the Brotherhood prepares a plan to re-push forward the process of reform.     
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