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Monem’s Detention Extended 15 More Days
Monem’s Detention Extended 15 More Days
As expected, the Prosecutor at Shobra El-Khyma district extended detention for journalist and blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud another 15 days
Wednesday, April 25,2007 01:47

As expected, the Prosecutor at Shobra El-Khyma district extended detention for journalist and blogger Abdel Monem Mahmoud another 15 days. The decision came after Moneum and 16 other reformists and political activists appeared this afternoon before the prosecutor general who presented a list of usual charges of "belonging to an illegal group and undermining the reputation and the security of the ruling regime"

Several of Monem"s supporters, fellow journalists and human rights activists attended the session today. Verbal confrontations erupted between supporters, police officers, and security agents who prevented many of them from entering the courtroom. Blogger Mohamed Adel and Mostafa Khalil were briefly detained by state security police but were later released. Symbolic protest by several political activists took place at the Prosecutor"s headquarters, which was quickly dispersed by the huge number of state security police members who maintained a heavy presence.

Abdel Monem Mahmoud"s arrest triggered an outcry by human rights organizations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders who called for his immediate release and strongly condemned the Egyptian government continuous assault on political dissidents and its compete disregard to freedom of expression.

Monem"s has been outspoken in criticizing the government"s oppressive policies and helped, along with other prominent bloggers and internet activists, to uncover several of torture cases inside police stations by police officers and secret agents.

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