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MB Goals Highlighted In Its Chairman’s Weekly Message
MB Goals Highlighted In Its Chairman’s Weekly Message
In his weekly message to the Nation, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef spotlights the group’s goals so that people....
Friday, July 6,2007 11:37

In his weekly message to the Nation, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef spotlights the group"s goals so that people all over the world can recognize the reality of the MB Call and how far its members abide by these teachings and doctrines existing in the methodology of their group.

The Chairman started by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is not above criticism. "We are humans who are not infallible", he said, adding that the MB group does accept advice from anyone who seeks reform or suggests reforms within the group circles." As the MB sees it important for people to learn from each other, it seeks to abide by the right wherever it exists, and tries to persuade the Other of its views wisely and gently", he added. The chairman chose a famous quotation from founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan el Banna, part of which read as follows:
"We would like to sincerely tell the people of our very goals and present our Call very clearly and without ambiguity, so that goals become as clear as the sunshine and daylight. We would like to specify our Call and show clearly the reality of our path in the hope that we gain supporters who help us to  spread goodness and guide others to work in the interest of all people, to eventually reach our hoped for all inclusive reform and instant remedy"

The Chairman also quoted the group founder as saying that the people"s reaction to the Muslim Brotherhood will be one of four kinds: One who believes the same as we believe, so we will invite him to work closely with us hand in hand, since a belief without action is meaningless. The second kind of people, according to el Banna, a person who is still hesitant and has some suspicions about our path, so we maintain our relation with him and advise him to be in touch with us and read our books and ask until he makes sure of our Call. The third kind of people is one, who seeks to join us only to achieve personal interests, and for such a kind we say that we have nothing to give people; rather, we offer ourselves and all that we have for the cause of God. The fourth kind of people is one who takes the MB as adversaries and only sees them through black glasses and speaks ill of them. The MB reaction to this kind is that they pray for him that God guides him to the right path and helps him to follow it, and helps him to identify the right and the wrong.

To what does the Muslim Brotherhood invite people?

The chairman quotes Al Banna as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood call for a clear and specific principle which can bring about happiness and comfort to people, a time tested principle which history and experiment have proved its ability to provide an all inclusive way of life, thus ensuring full reform of the universe. They (the Muslim Brotherhood) invite people to live under the umbrella of Islam as it was sent from God to Prophet Mohammed and was fully implemented by our righteous predecessors. This religion contains strong belief, reasonable understanding and an Islam- oriented law which monitors and sets right the actions, conducts and policies.

The Chairman assured that the teachings and doctrines cannot materialize except through long range reforming and educating of the Muslim individual, in a way that maintains constants and observes the variables of age and preserves the identity of the people and the Nation. He also assured that the MB methodology is completely taken from and fully based on the mainstream Islamic teachings and doctrines. This, he said, keeps a Muslim immune against being infatuated or enchanted by any other methodology or ideology. "The MB methodology not only provides protection to the Muslim"s heart and mind but it also teaches him/ her how to distinguish between the right and the false ideas, in addition that it trains a Muslim to devotion for Islam and habituate him/her to giving and sacrifice, faithfulness and self confidence".

The group in its Islam- oriented methodology also takes into account providing  the Muslim with an Islam-oriented criteria by which he/she can judge views and developments which arise on the arena, as well as the positions of invariably all world powers and their attitudes toward this or that issue. It trains a Muslim to be tolerant with others and listens to the Other"s opinion, ready to be headed to the better, taking into account the gradualness of reform and change. The group also adopts the way used by the prophet in his invitation to the people, mainly with wisdom and patience, with a heart which does not know despair of reform and change.

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