Ashaal: Egypt’s steel wall is a crime against humanity

Ashaal: Egypt’s steel wall is a crime against humanity

 DOHA, (PIC)– Dr. Abdullah Al-Ashaal, a former assistant to the Egyptian foreign minister, stated Tuesday that the steel wall being built by Egypt along its borders with the Gaza Strip is a crime against humanity and violates international law.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera net, Dr. Ashaal, who is a professor of international law at the American university, added that Egypt, through its building of this wall, is involved in the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza.

The professor highlighted that what the Egyptian government keeps repeating about the importance of this wall to its national security is a term used to prevent anyone from arguing with it regarding this wall, describing it as a kind of "intellectual terrorism".

He opined that the area upon which this wall is being built is an indication that Israel might have succeeded in having mastery over Egypt through pressure or Egypt is making a withdrawal move so as to avoid confrontation with Israel.

The professor noted that Egypt renounced the pan-Arab project long time ago in 1967.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kilani, the former dean of the faculty of sharia and law at the Jordanian university, stated Tuesday that besieging Gaza people and depriving them of food, medicine and vital needs are one of the greatest crimes and sins in Islam.

Dr. Kilani added that Egypt’s steel wall is treason against Islam and Muslims, slamming the fatwa issued by Al-Azhar scholars in Egypt which legalized the construction of the wall as political par excellence and intended to please the Egyptian leadership.