• June 27, 2009

Asha’l: Abbas has to choose between heading the PA or the occupation authority

Asha’l: Abbas has to choose between heading the PA or the occupation authority

Abdullah al-Asha”l, lecturer in international law and former aide to the Egyptian Foreign Minister, expressed his full support for the speech of Khalid Misha”al, the head of the Hamas political bureau, in which he called on the United States to withdraw Gen. Keith Dayton from the West Bank if Palestinian reconciliation was to take place.


Palestinian reconciliation could not materialize while the PA [in Ramallah] is implementing Dayton”s instructions, pursuing the resistance in the West Bank, arresting its activists and working towards liquidating it,” Asha”l said, in a statement he made to PIC.


He also criticised the security coordination between the Palestinian authority and the Israeli occupation and said: “Abu Mazen has to choose between being a President of the Palestinian authority or the President of the Israeli occupation authority,”


Asha”l called on the Arab countries to heed Mishaal”s call for following a new strategy which marries between resistance and politics, and gathers assets of strength.


He added that the Arab countries know, through years of experience with Israel that they will not get any of the Palestinian rights restored through Israeli willingness, because it is insistent on swallowing the land of Palestine, adding that the USA will not get into a confrontation with Israel for the sake of Arab countries. Thus, he added, the Arab countries should recognise that words are not substitute for actions, and they should take a serious stand because acquiescence to the USA has caused the loss of Palestine.


He also said that Arab countries should support the resistance and that an office for the resistance should be set up in each Arab capital, unless the Arabs have decided to liquidate the Palestinian cause and such a case they should clearly declare it.