Ashri: Counter-Revolution Old-Regime Stalwarts Free to Roam Again

Ashri: Counter-Revolution Old-Regime Stalwarts Free to Roam Again

 Mukhtar Ashri, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Legal Committee, said that the revolution is once again in danger after acquittal of all former regime senior officials accused of masterminding the revolution’s most murderous incident, known as the Battle of the Camels.

Ashri pointed that defunct National Party leadership figures are already being released onto the street and will no doubt lead the counter-revolution relentlessly.

In a telephone call to Al-Jazeera Mubasher (Live)-Egypt satellite TV channel, Ashri stressed that all political forces, groups and movements in Egypt must understand and appreciate the impending danger, and unite to stand in the face of former regime officials and loyalists out to replicate the corrupt regime.

Ashri further stressed that the revolution goes on, and will yet go on until it achieves all its goals. He added, "Certainly, Tahrir Square does not belong exclusively to any party or faction. No-one will monopolize it for their own purposes and prevent others from expressing their opinion in it.

"The verdicts that acquitted the Camel Battle defendants impact the entire Egyptian people, including the Muslim Brotherhood who gave thirteen martyrs in that tragic incident."