Asia aid convoy reaches Iran en route to Gaza, 2nd Freedom Flotilla gears up

Asia aid convoy reaches Iran en route to Gaza, 2nd Freedom Flotilla gears up

 The aid convoy Asia left on Thursday Zahedan city, southeast of Iran, on its way to the besieged Gaza Strip, while the second Freedom Flotilla aid campaign is getting prepared to sail for the Strip in the coming months.

Thousands of Iranians received Asia convoy, while the Iranian lawmakers set aside part of their salaries of this month to support Gaza people.

Zahedan was the convoy’s third station after it set off from Delhi city earlier this month and crossed Pakistan into Iran.

According to the reporter of the Palestinian information center, Asia convoy will travel across seven Iranian cities before entering the Turkish lands and then Syria, which is the final gathering point before heading to Gaza.

Activists from about 50 countries, including India, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries from Asia, will participate in this convoy which is supervised by more than 120 international relief foundations.

Spokesman for the convoy Salim Ghafouri told the PIC reporter that the convoy will be traveling a distance of 8,200 kilometers before reaching Gaza.

Ghafouri stressed that the participants in the convoy are from different races and have different religions, and this proves that there is a global consensus on the need to lift the siege on Gaza people.

In the meantime, the organizers of the Freedom Flotilla convoys declared they started the efforts to send another convoy to Gaza, affirming the convoy will sail to Gaza on 31st May 2011 on the first anniversary of Israel’s deadly attack on the first convoy.