Asian Convoy 1: Palestine is the focal point of world events

Asian Convoy 1: Palestine is the focal point of world events

  Feroz Mesberola, chief of the multinational Asian Convoy 1 which is set deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, expressed his crew’s extreme delight as the convoy landed Wednesday in Damascus, where they met with Khalid Meshaal and other resistance movement leaders.

“Our dreams came true when arriving at this place and standing before Palestinian resistance leaders headed by Khalid Meshaal. We hope to reach Palestine. We know we are facing a group of leaders and fighters who sacrificed and lost many of their loved ones,” said Mesberola at the convoy’s welcoming party in Damascus.

“Israel constantly attacks Gaza, and that a greater attack may come in the next two years, especially in these days for the first anniversary of the resistance’s victory in the Gaza war.”

“We feel it is important to have such convoys, which is trying to unite Asian countries to confront Israeli aggression. We come from different backgrounds, and have love for the resistance and defense of the oppressed. We hope to reach our goal. We began our journey from Mahatma Ghandi’s Square, who carried the spirit of resistance.”

“Our main objectives are to free Palestine, end the siege on Gaza, strengthen the boycott of the racist regime in Israel, and to stand in the face of US-Israeli imperialism and unite Asians to stand in the face of imperialism.”

“We believe that Palestine is the focal point of world events, and that defending it is defending all peoples.”’