Asian convoy to break Gaza siege to land in Syria Monday

Asian convoy to break Gaza siege to land in Syria Monday

 A Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy dubbed Asia Convoy 1 has landed in Turkey and is scheduled to make its next stop in Syria on Monday before heading out to Egypt’s Al Arish port and then reaching its final destination.

The convoy carries 200 passengers from 15 countries in the Asian continent, among them India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malysia, and the Phillipines. It departed from New Delhi on December 2.

The convoy’s affairs inside Syria will be handled by the the popular committee to support the intifada and resistance of the Zionist enterprise, senior Palestinian Popular Struggle Front official Khalid Abdel Majeed said at a press conference held in Damascus Saturday.

Abdel Majeed praised the Syrian government for backing the Palestinians in their struggle against the Israeli occupation, providing aid needed to relieve the people’s suffering, and allowing the convoy to transit through the country’s soil.

Badruddin Al Sharqi expressed hope on behalf of the Indian initiative that Egypt would give the multi-national convoy clearance to Gaza. He said the campaign’s objective was to provide awareness to Asian communities, “who have little knowledge about the Palestinian cause and the Gaza siege.”

The greatest motive of the convoy is Israel’s deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla convoy and blood that was shed there, said Yousef Abbas, speaking for the Syrian participants. The convoy holds many objectives alongside the main target, to break the siege on Gaza, he added.