Askar: Zionists influence is behind minarets ban in Switzerland;Lacks of western awareness on cultures with little efforts made to educate themselves about different beliefs are behind fear of Islam.

Askar: Zionists influence is behind minarets ban in Switzerland;Lacks of western awareness on cultures with little efforts made to educate themselves about different beliefs are behind fear of Islam.


MP Sayed Askar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and the Religious Committee in the Egyptian Parliament has  stressed that the future of Islam in Switzerland will be bright  , despite the referendum pro-banning the minarets. He pointed out that such actions will encourage intellectuals and the public to speculate about Islam, study it and endorse it.


During the symposium organized by Sawaseya Centre on Tuesday December 15, titled “The ban of minarets in Switzerland and its imminent dangers” Askar stressed that Islam is a religion which has been spread through positive influence and conviction rather than force as written in the Quran Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it)” (The Cave, 29). He asserted that Communism had ended with the passage of years during the 20th century, since it’s practices opposes human nature in contrast to Islam which has increasingly spread despite the weaknesses of Muslims in their countries and the war against Islam.



The west doesn’t know Islam:


The MP stressed that there is unawareness about Islam in Europe and USA and this lack of knowledge is a natural reaction to anything unknown. Incidents in Switzerland are the result of two philosophical beliefs they either fear Islam since they do not know of its justice, decency and forgiveness or it is the plotting of a specific sect of Israelis who initiated the hostility of Islam and its animosity since the time of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be upon Him).


Zionism is a political ideology using the Jewish religion as a cloak for disguise,” Askar added.


He emphasized that what happened in Switzerland against Muslim is the result of Zionism and its different forms of bigotry against Muslims who have four minarets only.



Legislation and consensus:


Askar narrated the story of minarets since the time of the prophet Mohammed SAAWS when his companions saw a dream and told the prophet about it and he ratified it and it came true during the time of Othman RAA (a great building was established and people used to call for the prayer “Athan” from the top of it”, pointing out that the dream of the prophet’s companion and the Prophet’s ratification of it is a legislation and the establishment of the mosque by Othman is an action ratified by the Prophet who said “Follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the following Caliphs after me” and all the companions agreed which means that this was consensus and unanimity which is a part of legislation.


The MP stressed that minarets are not only a building but a symbol related to the Islamic commitment of one of its pillars, which is praying and he wondered in what way do minarets irritate Switzerland and where is the freedom of religion?


He also called on Muslims not to with the measures taken to ban minarets or the headscarf because Islam the religion of Allah will definitely triumph at the end, according to the Quranic verse  Their intention is to extinguish Allah’s Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).” (As-Saf, 8)



The need to respect human rights:


Coptic intellectual and priest Refat Fekri attributed the crisis of the ban of minarets in Switzerland to the lack of respect for human rights. He called on the public to endeavor in delivering the true and moderate image of Islam to the West.


Fekri stressed that this crisis is not related to a specific religion, but includes all religions in a secular state which limits religions to worship places only.  



Racism is the reason behind the crisis:


Ahmed El-Soyoufi, Director of Al-Allam TV channel in Cairo, explained his view claiming that the concept of secularism which is limited to separating religion from the state will not go beyond the fact that people remain free as long as they do not harm. He believed the whole crisis stemmed from racism which was revealed in the recent murder of Marwa El-Sherbini in Germany.


Al-Soyoufi explained that the referendum was supported by a huge media campaign in more than 26 districts where posters and slogans were distributed featuring rockets in the shape of minarets with a veiled woman standing in front of it being fired. This demonstrates clearly that this referendum without doubt was under the influence of the huge media campaign.


He emphasized that the media played a major role in this matter where it relied on the lack of western awareness on cultures where little efforts are made to educate themselves about different beliefs.