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  • June 23, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Assassinations Target Iraqi Academicians in Basra

According to the latest figures, about 2000 Sunnis families have left Basra after they found death threats messages in their homes or through phone calls

Some other 800 families fled to neighboring cities after they lost their relatives through assassinations or detentions, hoping to return to their homes when life returns to normal.

The figures estimate the number of civilians assassinated recently to 180 men and women from all professions; Imams; doctors; university professors; teachers; judges; and lawyers. Twelve Iraqi engineers and workers were assassinated at Saad Courtyard in central Basra and their bodies mutilated with notices threatening the Sunnis to quit their jobs and businesses in Basra otherwise they would face the same fate. Most of these killings were made public and police haven’t investigated them yet.

Last month, 45 Iraqis were assassinated, in addition to 15 university professors. It has become clear now that most academicians in Basra in particular and in Iraq in general are subjected to elimination, with thousands of them being killed, displaced or abducted, something which will surely drain the country’s scientific brains. The intimidation campaign also led to hundreds of professors fleeing Basra, some of them fled the country altogether. Many education experts have voiced their concern over the future of the educational process if these killings continue which threatens the future of millions of Iraqis for generations to come